Sara Sandei reviews the lecture by Martin Rein-Cano: Personal Public Space, at the University of Greenwich, on Thursday 18th February 2016. Superkilen urban park in Copenhagen, Denmark. Martin Rein Cano, a landscape architect and – as he is keen on stressing – a graduate in art history, recounted the genesis and development of the most famous project of … More REVIEW: MARTIN REIN-CANO’S LECTURE


Sara Sandei reviews the lecture by Hanif Kara: Designed Engineering, at the University of Greenwich, on Thursday 5th November 2015. The Central Park Footbridge. That moment when, talking about a project, you suddenly think about the task of every person within a team, is what Hanif Kara demarcates, underlying the fact that since ancient architecture and engineering are … More REVIEW: HANIF KARA’S LECTURE


Sara Sandei reviews the lecture by Christine Riding: The Queen’s House, Greenwich: Past, Present and Future?  at the University of Greenwich, on Thursday 15th October 2015. Photograph of View of the Queen’s House looking south, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Christine Riding is Senior Curator and Head of Arts at the National Maritime Museum and she tells the … More REVIEW: CHRISTINE RIDING’S LECTURE


Sara Sandei reviews the lecture by Nat Chard: Drawing Uncertainty, at the University of Greenwich,Thursday 8th October 2015. Splatter-Instrument Five. Could The architecture probably feed the uncertain? Observing in our thoughts, architecture takes different forms of indeterminacy, also looking at the function of technologies of certain areas or at objects, we understand that architecture is also created … More REVIEW: NAT CHARD’S LECTURE