Green areas around Expo 2015 and then ?


Universal exposition from 1st of May to 31th of October 2015

The prospects of the Expo 2015 in Milan were particularly complex configured specifically for the climate of economic crisis that erupted since 2008 on a world scale. The Expo has been an opportunity for development and growth for Milan and an improvement of urban quality and to promote the area. My project aims to show Expo 2015 and its green areas. Starting to the point that speaking well of things that happen in Italy it is not so simple, Italian people usually describe the actual italian situation as “Everything goes wrong in Italy, whatever and forever.” The detriment of expectations and recognizing the fact that somewhere it has to start like a seed planted in the grass and with time maybe or maybe not, climate or not climate, soil or terrain something could grow. There were pavilions who understood the message of environmental protection and sustainability especially cases of Austria, Iran or UK pavilion. Between the greatness of the Milan Expo 2015 it is possible to appreciate a green plot that frames the event. The Expo is very simple, everything revolves around a kind of urban setting grade, called Roman centuriatio. The relation between humanity and nature is declined in the seven landscape areas of the exhibition site, the natural primeval forest of green belts, the nature regenerated and purified tanks constructed wetlands, the commemoration of the elements of the agricultural landscape in the rows, the hill Mediterranean expression of the Mediterranean landscape between naturalness and modeling made by man, the Hortus, quote agricultural origin of the art of gardens, urban landscapes and convivial and formal squares. A wealth of ideas that makes the plant and the green area easily readable, even if often engulfed by the gigantism of the general. It is the story of this “mobile” forest grown in nurseries with avant-garde techniques, came at the right time and maybe a turning urban and interested to look towards a future. Campus for students with a green area ready to be studied? or the prospect of a new beginning for proposals, competitions, research work and creativity where the winner is not only the power of capital but also the community.


Franco Zagari and Benedetto Selleri, “Moving forest, Expo 2015 landscape” (Libria, Melfi, 2015).


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