After effects

Adobe After Effects is a program of special effects and video editing .With this program you can do several things, from 2D and 3D effects, animation titles, the creation of special effects to the image stabilized also you can adjust the colours of the video, editing, create particle effects such as freeze. Clicking on the … More After effects


Rhino 3D is a three-dimensional modelling program to create, edit and analyze curves, NURBS surfaces and solids. Identification of new features in rhino 5 such as: POINTON – Opening your file , you can create a curve and write on the command bar : POINTON, after that select a point and drag it where you want … More Rhinoceros


Grasshopper is a plugin for Rhinoceros that allows the user to create programs by manipulating the elements graphically rather than manually. Open Rhino typing in command space GRASSHOPPER. Creates definitions in a 2D environment. Make points in Rhino first. Click on curve button, add to canvas > right click > set curves Click on the line button, … More Grasshopper

Blender – Waypoints

Blender is a software of computer graphics (CGI), especially 3D Computer Graphics with both basic and advanced tools for: 3D modeling Animation Lighting management Management of Materials and Textures Photorealistic rendering  Video / Audio Editing basic Post-processing video. If you are going to use Edit Mode, select Face or Subdivide and change point position you … More Blender – Waypoints


GIS (Geographic Information System) is a tool used to analyse the properties space and the potential relationships between objects and events. In essence, it is a set of functions to “map” and analyse the things that happen in space and time.  ARCMAP Download the data that you need from DIGIMAP Ordnance Survey Collection, Remember select only … More GIS